Martin Conservation Area

Loud Thunder Road, Illinois City, Illinois 61259
(309) 558-3593

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to 10:00PM

The Martin Conservation Area is the newest property under the jurisdiction of the Forest Preserve District. The Martin Conservation Area is a 240-acre tract of land west of Loud Thunder Forest Preserve, along Illinois’ Great River Road. Amenities include:

Martin Conservation Area History

When Mr. Martin passed away in 1994, he bequeathed the land to the Rock Island County Forest Preserve District for the use and enjoyment by local residents. Mr. Martin knew this area was not ideal for farming and valued the area for its natural beauty. He believed the property would be a great addition to Loud Thunder Forest Preserve.

Elizabeth Hayes from the University of Illinois Extension conducted a six-month background study and recommendation assessment in 2006. The property is part of the ecologically significant Milan Bottoms, and offers many natural and cultural resources, including:

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