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Playgrounds at Our Preserves

When you are a child, playgrounds are just about the coolest things in the entire world. Bring your little one out to enjoy one of our many playgrounds. Try them all and find your child’s favorite place to play.

Niabi Zoo Playground


Illiniwek Park & Forest Preserve Playground

Boy on slide

Illiniwek Forest Preserve has recreation for everybody. The playground is easily accessible for campers and from the pavilion.

Loud Thunder Forest Preserve Playgrounds

Loud Thunder Forest Preserve has two playground areas, located near the Riverview campground and Deer Haven campground (currently closed due to campground construction) in addition to its many other recreational activities. It's a wonderful place to take the kids. They can play and enjoy the outdoors while the parents enjoy the beauty of the park that surrounds them.

Dorrance Park Playground

Dorrance Park may come across as a baseball park; however, we also have a pretty fun playground that can keep your little one entertained for hours.