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Hiking at our Preserves

You know how every once in a while you want to tell somebody to, "take a hike?" Well this time we are telling you. 

Come take a hike with us at one of our four Forest Preserves. Go ahead and bring the family, this should be fun. For more information about our trails and trails in the Quad City Region check out QC Trails.

**In 2018, we are enforcing a new wet weather policy that all multi-use trails are closed to everyone when the trails are closed, hiking included.

Hiking at Illiniwek Forest Preserve

Father and son hikingJoin us at Illiniwek Park for a day of hiking. Start here to follow the Mississippi River on the Great River Trail 62 miles through small towns and scenic Mississippi River overviews or spend your day scouting out the woods. However you choose to travel there is no wrong answer. Either way the fresh air will help you gain a new prospective to life.  Call 309-496-2620 for trail status updates as the trails do get closed to users during unfavorable weather conditions.  View a map of the trail.

View our trail policies. 

Hiking at Loud Thunder Forest Preserve

Father and children hiking Come spend an hour, a day, or an entire weekend with us. At Loud thunder there are enough trails to keep you hiking all weekend.

The Illinois Great River Road National Scenic Byway winds through the picturesque landscapes of the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve. Trails at Loud Thunder include the Hauberg Trail and the Sac-Fox Trail. There are other shared-use trails located throughout the preserve for mountain bikers, horseback riders, and hikers. Call 309-795-1040 or check Loud Thunder's FaceBook page for trail status updates as the trails do get closed to users during unfavorable weather conditions.
  • The Hauberg Trail East Branch and West Branch combine to form over two-miles of moderate level hiking through the scenic forested areas along the river.
  • The Sac-Fox Trail is an approximately 12-mile, continuous loop, moderate level hiking trail. It winds its way throughout the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve and the adjacent Loud Thunder Boy Scout Camp.

Hiking at Dorrance Park

Leaves and nutsLooking for a place to go for a short walk in the woods? We have the place for you. At Dorrance Park we have the short walk in the woods. We are also located next to the Great River Trail, in case you are in the mood for a little bit longer of a walk. The Great River Trail is a multipurpose trail that allows users to enjoy 62 miles of hiking near the Mississippi River. The trail goes through both small towns and river landscape.

Dorrance provides an excellent habitat for wildlife and is a wonderful place for a little bird watching. See how many animals you can spot along the way, or take a good look at the trees. How many do you know?

View our trail policies. 

Hiking at Martin Conservation Area

Trail in prairie grassMartin Conservation Area is an excellent space to get to know nature at its best. The park has a small hiking trail, and provides an excellent habitat for wildlife.It is a wonderful spot to see all you would expect in the woods. Put on those hiking shoes and join us for a trip into the wild.